Stranger in a Strange Land: November 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Different X-Mas Lists

What is all going on the old Christmas list this year? It sure isn’t the latest toys anymore like it once was long ago. I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons just waiting for the commercials to come on so I could add the latest micro machines or Star Wars figure to my growing list. Now if I want the latest product it absolutely has nothing to do with toys but rather technology or the latest in health care products. There was a time when my Christmas list would consist of baseball cards, hot wheels and toy guns but now it reads something like external hard drive, Leptorexin and socks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Take the work out of the workout

The invention of fat burners has given hope to thousands. But what about those people out there who do not want to change one thing about their lifestyle? Is there a product out there for them? Is there a pill you can take daily that allows you to watch the fat fall off of your body while still continuing your same diet and lack of exercise regiment? I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of folks that would love to take the work out of the workout.

Visit to the Western Store

Ever walk into a store knowing nothing about the products they sell just to see what you can learn and to have a little fun? I find it is best to do this in a specialty store; my favorite example is the time a friend and I walked into a western store and started trying on cowboy hats and boots and sitting in saddles. It was a lot of fun asking the store clerk questions about cowboy fashion and the differences between English Saddles and Ranch Saddles and so on. The good thing was I think she got a kick out of us too.

Vegas Trip

We took a family vacation out west one year and one of our stops along the way was Las Vegas Nevada. I was enthralled by what I saw, all the lights and people. The live shows taking place right on the streets, the hooker advertisements being handed to me and my brothers on all of the street corners. So much going on everywhere I looked. Turns out my folks didn’t appreciate the visit to Vegas as much as I did and they vowed never to go back again. But as karma has it, we were back a couple days later fixing a flat tire and I got to see the world’s largest vintage clothing store, my main objective of the entire trip!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Better Lifestyle

I just ate at a greasy fast-food chain and I think I can actually feel the weight being added to my body. Yuck! Orovo Detox and a better diet to the rescue, in weeks I can be looking and feeling better. I think from now on I’ll continue on this healthy lifestyle and stay away from the burger joints and processed foods that are nightmares for the body.

Barstools for the dreamers

Some great conversations have taken place while settled in on a barstool. The banter that occurs while rested on a barstool is often times quite entertaining and can lead the night down an array of different paths. People all across the world enjoy sitting back on a barstool and having a good time with friends old and new. So look for the place where they built the bar stools for dreamers and settle in for a memorable conversation.