Stranger in a Strange Land: May 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Signs of Summer

As summer time has arrived so has the season for sitting outside under the summer sky. And there’s no more of an enjoyable time to do this than during those cool summer evenings. Whether sitting on the porch or around a backyard bonfire, with the right outdoor lighting the night becomes even more enjoyable. Subtle lights along the walkway or seductive candle lighting – they’re all sure signs of summer.

Dripping Insanity

There’s nothing more annoying than leaky kitchen faucets. It’s like water torture – that constant yet subtle drip, drip drip. It just doesn’t stop. No matter how much you try to tighten, screw or adjust, the damn thing keeps on dripping. It seems like the only thing you can do is tear it out of the wall and install a new one. But, just give it time and even the new one will start to drip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Think back on all the pain you put your face through trying to find the best acne treatment. From burning to scalding, foamy to creamy, roll on to washing – does any of it really work to solve the ugly realities of being a teenager? In fact, I always had this hunch that these products in fact caused acne – thus proliferating the problem and therefore requiring you to by more of their products.

Toy News

Remember as a kid how the exciting weekend were as this was not only the time of no school and Saturday morning cartoons but also the arrival of the Sunday newspaper. Newspaper? Yes, the Sunday morning newspaper. Not for the news or stock quotes but for the ads – those colorful glossy pages filled with the latest toys at reduced prices. This was a child’s news…

Buy Online

With the proliferation of online shopping websites, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out which sites are legit, which ones are questionable and which ones should just be avoided altogether. One of the main concerns when shopping online is trying to find where to get the best buy on a product. Just like regular shopping, this takes time – visiting such online stores as, comparing prices, evaluating shipping costs and reviewing return policies.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yes Yes Yes

So they tried to get Amy Wienhouse to go to drug rehab, but she said “no, no, no”. But that does not mean you have to follow her beehive example. A drug or alcohol addiction can cause serious problems, not only to your own individual health, but also to the well-being of those around you. The answer to turning your life around is to say yes, yes, yes and get professional help with drug rehab.

Stop the Foreclosure

Are you one of the many people who borrowed more than you could actually afford when buying your house and are now looking at a foreclosure? Although this may be seen as one of the most difficult and embarrassing times of your life, there are options. Talking with a foreclosure specialist can give insight into ways to postpone and even stop your foreclosure proceedings.

Silence that Tummy

Always hungry? Trying to lose weight? Why not silence that always growling appetite and thus lose weight the right way – by not overeating. With drugs like phentermine, you can actually control your demanding appetite. Simply take this medicine as prescribed and you will be on your way to losing weight without having to suffer through gross diets or boring exercise regiments.

Give Me Money

With the housing market in a downward spiral, one thing that might not be on your mind is taking out a mortgage. In fact, are any mortgage companies still in business? Ok, so there are still a lot of mortgage lenders out there – and there’s still a lot of people who need to find a house. So, as long as you take out a mortgage you can actually afford, you can avoid the pitfalls of all those currently undergoing foreclosures.

Viva Reno

As summer fast approaches and the summer wedding season starts to stare us down from the barrel of its gifts, family get together and pretend like you care gun – there’s also the additional aspect of bachelor parties. “Not another trip to Vegas”, you think. So this time why not try someplace new – like Reno. It is still in Nevada and it still has all the casinos and Reno hotels. And, most importantly, “what happens in Reno stays in Reno”.