Stranger in a Strange Land: January 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Prepared All the Time

In today’s world, you just can not afford to take any chances. There are germs everywhere, and although it would be nice sometimes, living a life in a bubble just is not practical. However, wearing rubber, disposable gloves when appropriate is the perfect way to protect yourself from harmful, and even deadly, germs and diseases. Keeping a pair of rubber gloves nearby at all times is an excellent step in planning for emergency situations.

Selecting a Sink

Thinking about remodeling your house? Or perhaps just your kitchen? When it comes to selecting a new faucet to adorn your new countertop, there is only one name to turn to: Grohe faucets. Grohe has an entire lineup of stylish, quality and affordable faucet products to choose from. From basic designs to flashy contemporary versions sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Space Age Sleeping

There are very few things that I find so cool about a hospital that it makes me sort of wish I could go there just to experience it. However, one of these things are adjustable beds. You know, the bed that gives you a remote control on the side and allows you to adjust it up to a sitting position, down to a hanging position and everywhere in-between. The great thing is, now you can have this endlessly entertaining bed in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Keeping Both Sexes Happy

Can it actually be true- a crème that eradicates all of man’s misery. A magical potion that will allow the sexes to join together in complete and utter harmony. According to the makers of progesterone, it is true. Now, with the assistance of just a swipe of this magical crème, one can control such headaches and PMS, menopause and all of those other female issues that men have lived in fear with since the beginning of time.

Sticking it to the Man

In my humble opinion, the greatest invention ever has to be the canvas tent. This seemingly simple structure, once reserved only for the garden parties of the upper class and circuses (yes, it is a fine line…), today mass consumer culture has yet again striped the rich and famous of another of their prized status symbols. Now, the canvass tent can be found in backyards and trailer parks. Under its shade can be found anything from card games to hotdog cooking and Natty Light beer drinking.

Still, Nobody Cares

Nothing quite says “you are the greatest” then a nice, shiny new trophy. Trophies are a verification of your greatness, your super-humanness, and your mastering of some skill that nobody thinks is important except for you and the others who participate in your crazy little habit. Think of all the activities that award trophies- nobody cares about any of them. Bowling, road racing, shooting clay pigeons- all completely pointless outside the activity itself. Thus, the trophy is what gives these activities an artificial point.