Stranger in a Strange Land: June 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vegas Baby

It is officially summer time, which means for many of us it is time for a vacation. But with the dollar being so low, traveling overseas does not really make sense – nor is it really affordable. So why not head for the city lights and try your luck with a Las Vegas travel vacation? Who needs to go to Paris when Eifel Tower is right in the middle of the Vegas strip? Better yet, the Vegas version of Paris has slot machines!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where Sales are a Crime

Here’s a strange little rule of Belgium – one of the many found on the pages of its massive Bureaucratic Book of Pointless and Senseless Rules: Stores can only have sales during two specified parts of the year. That’s right, no sale ads and shopping around for the best deal. Its January and July if you want to find a bargain. Sure, there’s discounts throughout the year – but no real, open the store early ‘cause we’re slashing prices type of sales.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Memory Booster

Computer memory can be hard to come by. With photos, music and movies all becoming digital, chances are your computer’s memory is quickly being taken up. Thankfully, unlike human memory, you can buy more memory for your computer. With ram, or random accessible memory, you can easily store all your music, movies, documents and photos on your computer without slowing it down.

Tan Not Zits

When it gets hot outside you start to sweat more. And as you start to sweat more, the more likely you’ll start breaking out in zits. But there’s no need to ruin you summer tan with a face full of acne. With the right acne treatment you can be proactive at preventing the unsightly effects of acne and show off your tan instead of hiding your zits.

Smog Busters

Add big city smog and humidity and you get some pretty dirty air. Today, air pollution and smog alerts seem to be just another part of life – regardless of whether you are living in the city or the country. To help protect you from these dangers, along with just giving you some clean refreshing air to breath, you need Austin Air air purifiers.

Mouse Time

Although it may not seem right, now is actually one of the best times to take an Orlando vacations. As summer is considered the off-season in Orlando, you can often find great air tickets and hotel rates – meaning you save a whole lot of money. More so, all the great Orlando attractions are still going full speed – including Sea World, Disney World and MGM Studios.