Stranger in a Strange Land: December 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Theory of It

Hey, did you know that you can get one here? Get what here? I don’t know, it, I guess. But is this not a genius method of marketing. You can get it here. Maybe that means you can get everything here…which is exactly what eBay was implying when they launched their It marketing campaign. After all, there’s probably no better way to summarize what one can find on the pages of eBay then simply stating the obvious: It.

Holiday Cash

It is the holiday season, which means nothing more than that time of the year where you over spend, dry up your savings, max out your credit cards, take out a second mortgage on the house and- after spending the rest of the new year living in poverty, announce that “this year you will not go overboard with holiday shopping”…. Only to start the process over again. But Stop! This year why not actually spend extra money you earned just for holiday shopping? Perhaps it is time to head to the plasma stand?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Dime a Dozen

Here’s one for you kids. When somebody ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, tell them that you want to be a mesothelioma lawyer. Not only will you impress them with your vocabulary, they will have no idea what you are talking about. After all, a lawyer is a lawyer, right?

Wrong. Not only do lawyers specialize in general fields of law, such as criminal, contracts, property, malpractice and personal injury. They now specialize in sub-specialties, such as the malpractice sub-specialty of mesothelioma.

Save the Beach, Screw the Snow

Everybody is talking about how we need to stop global warming to save the Artic. Unfortunately, these scientists need a lesson on marketing. Sure, the Artic is important and if it melts due our failure to use eco friendly products, well then, we are all very much screwed. However, the Artic is cold, remote and, quite frankly, most people could care less. That’s why the focus should be on how global warming is going to make all the world’s resort islands disappear. Now that will get people’s attention.

So what can you do to help save the islands? As mentioned above, for a start, you can use eco friendly products. Eco friendly products are eco friendly in that they do not put the pollution into the air that regular versions of consumer products do. Take for example the lawn mower. Although it is an essential piece of equipment, its exhaust is one of the worse contributors to green house gas emissions.

So what do you do?

Simple, you get an eco friendly lawn mower that either runs on electricity or that reduces the total amount of pollution expelled into the air. Of course this is just one of many examples of eco friendly products available to help save those tropical islands.

live greener products

Friday, December 07, 2007

Gift Idea

It is like what? Two weeks until Christmas? Have all your gifts bought yet? Any idea what to get everyone this year? How about a new Panerai watch? Everyone needs a watch, so really, you cannot go wrong with this gift. More so, these watches are stylish and fun to wear, which of course makes it an even better Christmas gift.