Stranger in a Strange Land: February 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Way to Sleep

They come in all shapes and sizes: bunk, double, twin, king, queen and captain. But now, even the 1970s have had an influence on the making of beds. Taking that wonderful concept of a platform shoe, we know have platform beds. It’s like a bunk bed without the bunk or a levitated bed. Why a platform bed? Why not? It gives you another place to store your junk, after all.

Camping Time

The weather is finally beginning to warm up, the birds chirping and, depending on where you reside, the trees starting to show the first signs of blooming. Yes, all this can only mean one thing – spring is just around the corner (or maybe just several more snowstorms away). But, snow or not, it is never too early to start planning your spring camping. Head to the storage and take inventory of your camping gear, make a list, and then start shopping.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pills are Girl's Best Friend

Here is a new one for you. It seems we have become so addicted to all the different kinds of pain killers and medications available out there, we have finally decided to officially make medicine a fashion. Not a fad, but a fashion as in the type you wear. Who needs a diamond necklace when you can sweep your girl off her feet with an enchanting new piece of medical jewelry?

Safety Standby

Is the neighborhood going to hell? Then maybe it is time to upgrade your home security. Now I do not mean wiring it with a security system that cost more than anything inside your house that is worth taking. I simply mean updating your doors with better locks. Schlage has been a trusted name in providing home security the simple way – with a lock and key – for decades.

The Lazy Way to Start a Business

Ever dreamed of opening your own business and being your own boss? But maybe you have that little problem called lack of creativity or simply can not think of a business concept to pursue. For people like you, there is the franchise. The franchise allows you to essentially take somebody else’s ingenious business idea and steal it for your own personal benefit. The only catch is you have to pay the smart person who came up with the idea a cut.

Rent a Computer

Personally, I could not survive without my laptop computer. In fact, I spend more quality time with my laptop then anything, or anybody else. From sunup to sundown I sit typing away it seems. But of course not everyone has a job that requires constant use of a laptop computer. Instead, some jobs may only require a laptop every now and then. In this case, the business tool for you is laptop rental services.

Inner Peace

Feeling all bound up? Then what you may need is a nice relaxing, refreshing colon cleanser. Shall we say, “bend over and smile”. Alright, so it’s not something everybody really likes thinking about – or talking about for that matter. But it’s one of the unfortunate realities of being human. Just like any aging pipe, even the human body’s pipes need a cleaning out every now and then.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


For some reason, people associate wood with luxury. Ok, so wood paneling along the outside of the car does not count. That’s still old school. But wood dash paneling inside the car is often the only difference between the entry level model and the upgraded luxury model. That and leather seats perhaps. If you have a wood dash, then you need wood dash kits to keep it shinny and new.

Idiot Protection

Accidents happen. And no matter just how good of a driver you are, chances are you will eventually run into a not so good driver. Whether it is your fault, the other driver’s fault or just a random act of god, car accidents happen. That’s why we have auto insurance. Essentially car insurance protect you, and your pockets, from all the stupid drivers who have now taken to the roads.